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Internet Corner

Here you can find helpful information and recommendations on Internet related topics.

Avoiding Scams on the Internet

The Internet is a great place for information–Unfortunately, it’s also a scammer’s playground. In order to stay safe on the Internet, we recommend that you stick to the following rules:

  1. Don’t click on popups – If a fullscreen popup demands that you call a number to fix a problem, it is a scam
  2. Always check web addreses – If a page looks different or seems off (numerous grammatical and spelling errors), don’t trust it.
  3. If you don’t know what it is or does, don’t install it.
  4. Use two factor authentication where possible – This requires a device or piece of hardware you own in order to log into an account.
  5. If you weren’t expecting an e-mail attachment, don’t open it.
  6. Don’t use simple passwords, and don’t reuse passwords across sites.
  7. If you get a strange message on your computer after browsing the Internet, call our office or message us on Facebook and ask what to do.

Malicious Software (viruses, malware, spyware, fake alerts, et al.)

HSTC recommends that you install an anti-virus program in order to protect your computer against malicious software. The following options are available:

We recommend the following software packages for advanced users or whenever an aggressive approach to malware detection and removal is warranted.

*Technically, CCleaner is not an anti-spyware program but it does optimize and clean your computer and possibly improve its performance, sometimes dramatically. See the feature list for more information.