Fiber is coming to Hot Springs!

We at Hot Springs Telephone Company have been hard at work trenching and laying fiber throughout our Phase I section of Hot Springs, and are pleased to announce that those in the Phase I section will be upgraded to fiber in the coming months.

What are the benefits of fiber? Fiber is high capacity, high reliability, low latency, and future proof. Because fiber is a digital transmission medium (the light either arrives at one end, or it doesn’t), it is also easier to troubleshoot. Gone are the days of checking multiple pedestals for corroded copper pairs to hunt down why your Internet dropped on a warm afternoon!

For those that are not in our initial phases, rest assured that we will be hard at work this summer on Phase II. There is a lot of work involved in the initial installation of fiber, and we greatly appreciate our town’s patience with this work. We all want you to be on fiber–but we also want the job done right.

We also want to be transparent on where we’re at with the fiber installation. To that end, please view our fiber installation map below to view what is included in Phase I & Phase II:

Our network consists of high speed DSL, wireless, and fiber technologies. Depending on where you are looking to get connected, we may have more than one technology available. Where possible, we will provide to you the fastest technology we can provide for a given location.

Current Timeline:
PHASE I: Finishing summer 2021
PHASE II: Digging to begin summer to fall of 2021
PHASE III: In Planning

We are also planning fiber to rural areas outside of town limits, but we are unable to provide details at this time.

With fiber going into your neighborhood, it is more important than ever to be aware of what’s underground before you dig! The Montana 811 locate service is FREE, and helps to prevent damage to property and facilities. Additionally, if you fail to call in a dig and hit a public facility, you may be financially liable for the repairs–so don’t take the risk. You can dial 811 or visit to request a locate for a dig site.