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Hosted PBX & VOIP

Phone Solutions for Business

Are you looking to set up a phone system with extensions, calling menus for customers, or special automated call menus based on your business hours? We’re excited to announce our new hosted PBX & VOIP solutions are available for you!

What is PBX?

PBX is an acronym for Private Branch Exchange. Essentially, a PBX provides a business or organization to have a private telephone network that enables features like in-house call transfer, extension use, per-line dedicated voice mail, and automated call attendants / call menus.

What does Hosted PBX & VOIP do for me?

Because we host your PBX, you never have to worry about maintaining and securing an onsite PBX system, which can be extremely expensive. Furthermore, we give you configuration access to an easy web interface that allows you to configure a wide array of options for your phone system–something you typically won’t get with an onsite PBX, especially if it’s out of date. : Polycom VVX 450 Business IP Phone (Power Supply Not Included)  : Office Products

How do I sign up?

Each business is unique and requires a specialized setup, so get in touch with us by going to our Contact Us page!